Branding for Beginners

What is branding and why is so important for a business? Branding is the representation of your business PERIOD. Branding is a crucial part of a successful business, it can change how people perceive your brand, in can increase brand value or it can do the opposite. But sometimes as new business owners we think branding is only our logo or that is not important, little do we know the impact a good branding can do to our business. I want to share these steps that will help you define your brand and I wish someone had shared with me when I first started my business.  

Think about and perfect your visual assets- These are the color palette, your logo, fonts, website designs and everything your customers will see on your media or website.

Who are you? Know your story. 

Why did you pick out that name for your business? 

How did this story started? 

What is your purpose? No making money shouldn't be your only purpose! Why are you selling this? What problem are trying to resolve?

Who is your ideal client? To create a business that will attract customers, first you need to know them! To detail!

What makes you unique?

When people tell me my products are too expensive and they can find it cheaper at Shein I simply say this. Why do you pay more money for Starbucks coffee vs gas station coffee? Is better right? So be so authentic with your branding, service and experience that people will come to you because is you!

Remember your branding is a representation of your business, so it should represent you, your values, your personality, your purpose should be showing in everything you do. People should know you for your brand so make sure you are being authentic. 

Ahora, go and start answering all those questions and start creating your brand board. I think we can all win!!!


Con amor Valeria.