Your Brand is who you are.

Copying the idea doesn't copy the sucess! COPYING THE IDEA DOES'T COPY THE SUCESS! Repeat that over and over! Living in an era of trends can sometimes lead us to think that doing what someone else is doing will work for us too but want to know the fastest way to get ahead? BE AUTHENTIC, do all things with integrity, honestly and consistency. 

Being authentic can be hard for you and even for those around you because they might not agree with you but when you start showing people the real you it will get easier, for them and for you and for your business, remember your business and your brand is who you are. Some people will leave and that is ok, you are never going to be ok with everyone and by being your authentic self you will attract the right people. 

Things to remember that will help you stay consistent and authentic.

Copying someone else's work, design, brand, strategy, promos or anything that wasn't your idea does not only look bad on you, but it shows how unprofessional and unethical you are and it most definitely shows your character.

Watch for other's people's trademarks and licensed goods. No, you cannot be selling those earrings, bags, shoes, and think is ok just because you say they are inspired. Think about it this way, si alguien esta usando tu nombre, marca o logo para ponerlo en una playera without asking and then making money out of it how would you feel? 

Be yourself, be cosistent with your brand.  

Most importantly be you and be damn proud of who you are. Remember copying the idea doesn't copy the success. 

Your Brand is who you are.

Your Brand is who you are, your brand tells your story. Design a brand that will set you apart from the competition. Remember everyone can sell the same thing but nobody can sell it like you do! What makes your customer choose you? Think about it so when you are building your brand you build something that you want to represent. 

Xoxo Valeria.