Mom in Business

Have you ever wondered if you are not doing enough with your business? or if you are not paying enough attention to the kids because you are working? Yup me too, and I'm pretty sure a lot of mothers out there who are trying to find the right balance between entrepreneurship and mom life. Let me just tell you there is no right way to do it but trying to find the balance and practicing these things have definitely made it easier for me.



I cannot express enough what good habits will do for you and for your family! Adopting good habits and teaching your kiddos good habits will set you all up for success. The first thing you need to do is be up before the kids are up, you want to be fresh and ready for the day when they wake up so set up your alarm 30 minutes to 1 hour before they are up.

1. Avoid your phone- I know this is hard because we are so used to grabing our phone first thing in the morning, opening our social media and letting the news ruin our day even before it has started. DON'T GRAB YOUR PHONE WHEN YOU WAKE UP, DON'T LET PEOPLE CHOOSE YOUR MOOD.

2. Drink your water- Get your metabolism going by drinking a full glass of water. Hydration is important also for the brain fuctioning.

3. Skin care routine- Lavate la cara mija! You want to always do your skin routine before the kids wake up, this is also part of the self-care time you need daily. 

4. Move the booty- Get up and move the body nena. Now if you are anything like me and you don't exercise, girl that is ok, we are not trying to be Jlo ok, but moving your body is important according to the doctors haha and me moving your body in the morning will actually increase your energy through the day, confirmo que si, so get your ass up and move.

5. Star the day with gratitude- Starting the day with gratitude will attract the good. Thank God or the universe or whoever you believe in for a new day. Write in your journal everything you want and what are you excited for today! 

This is just your morning routine, after this if you are a mom, you probably need time to mommy. Take that time to focus on them, respect that boundary and be a full-time mom at this time. Children wake up the same way parents wake up so making sure you are fresh, positive and mindful of your child's needs is important. 


Baby girl if you do not have a planner. WHAT IS YOU DOING? If you don't have one, get it NOW! Your planner desde hoy is your soul, your shadow, your bestie, it will go wherever you go and you will write everything in it. Your personal events, your to do list, PTO meetings, photoshots days, etc. I like to buy an extra special planner to use as note keeper too. For example, let's say I have an event today, I write with who and how was the outcome. 


Every 2 weeks make this list and stick to it. 

1) My every week list- this is things that need to be done weekly in your business like photoshoots, shopping for new arrivals etc. 

2) My most important to do next week- this list is what you don't have to do this week but need to get to it next week.

3) My later week- this list is usually what is not very important, it can wait until you finish all the other things in your list.

4) Tiger time list- This list is what needs to be done today, you need to pay your full attention to this list and make sure it is finished today. This is the 20% that will get you 80%. 


Know who your people are. Women who start a business will need to venture out the world sometime and we will need help in one way or another. IT IS OK TO ASK FOR HELP! rely on your people for help, ask grandma to cook dinner one night a week, hire a babysitter for a few hours while you work on your tiger time list. Create a new network, ideally of other business owners and moms, "MOMPRENEURS" who can understand your journey, push you through it and help you understand you are not alone. 


Setting boundaries is important, especially when there is family involved. So, sit down and make a list of what are some of the sacrifices you can make to keep the business going and what are your non-negotiables. In my family movie nights, family days and Christmas are not up for discussion. When it comes to business photoshoot time is when my husband is stepping up, this day there is no mom, I am Valeria CEO get shit done mood all day. Your boundaries should be respected both ways so make sure you set boundaries you will be able to respect. BE MINDFUL!!!


Busy doesn't mean effective so make sure you are staying in track with your lists and respecting your boundaries in order to execute correctly. 

While you have to give your 100% to stick to these things as a mom myself, I understand sometimes things don't go as planned but find the balance where you can continue to be an awesome mom, give yourself grace but will not have excuses every day!!! 

One last thing I want to share with you that I love doing and I can guarantee has helped me become a better business owner and a mother is speaking words of affirmations every day to myself and my kids. Words of affirmation have the power to motivate you, help you concentrate on achieving your goals and many many more things. I want you to write 5 little notes to yourself right now and 5 for each of your kiddos and post them all over the house where you all can see them. Here are my favorite;






Mami the most important thing to do is to practice your good habits daily, respect your calendar, lists and your boundaries and EXECUTE. Hold yourself accountable.