About Us

At the start of 2017, when my husband Celso and I decided to buy a house we had to start budgeting/cutting our expenses and let's just say that with 3 kids who outgrew their clothing very VERY often my love for fashion and shopping wasn't an expense we could afford for both them and I. At that time, I had been an entrepreneur for 4 years with some luck, it was then that I realized I could do something that could benefit me and others.

E.M.A's Boutique started with two big dreams and only two tops in the living room of my small apartment in 2017. My first dream was to continue to stay home with my kids but still make money to help reach our family goals and my second dream was to help other women, especially moms, that like me were struggling to find themselves after birth. So, with zero experience and zero capital but with a lot of freaking ganas de salir adenlante and help others in the process E.M.A's Boutique was founded.

Today, 6 years later, E.M.A's Boutique has grown to something amazing. Our boutique is the first Latina owned boutique in Minnesota to carry mommy and me outfits. We are proud to have been recognized in many different local news, including KARE 11. Our growth through the years is very noticeable but it has not changed who we are. E.M.A's Boutique is still a family-owned and family-run business, based in Richfield, Minnesota. Our vision is to inspire and help women achieve their best. We love the community that continues to surround us with love, positivity and aplausos for each and every of our accomplishments.


E.M.A's Boutique has always had the same mission. To help women, especially moms, regain confidence through their outfit, helping them feel happy, secure and comfortable but always looking trendy and chic without breaking the bank but not compromising the quality of and every one of our items.

An important part of our mission is to create a place where moms are going to find outfits that will keep them and their kiddos comfortable and chic. So, when doing the shopping these are some the questions I asked myself. 

1. Are these jeans stretchy enough so we can bend down when carrying our toddlers? 

2. Is this top soft enough so I can carry my baby and not scratch their face? 

3. Are these pants high enough to hold my mommy belly (aka extra skin?)

E.M.A's Boutique is happy to serve everyone that loves our style but in our shopping process "what's going to benefit a mom?" is always in our mind. 

Our Boutique may seem a little exclusive but our community is very inclusive. I am happy to have built such a beautiful and inclusive community in our social media where we can be what and who we want.

E.M.A's Boutique is built around style but also kindness and love, we want all women to find a safe space where you will see the real person behind all of it, me, Valeria who is a wife, mom and super fun woman who is always dancing but also who is a chronic illness survivor and who has had her own battles and is a chingona who shows up every day to make jefa moves and loves to empower women and encourage them to be her true self. 

We love hearing from our customers about everything. Follow us on Instagram for more @emasboutique.

                                       XOXO Valeria Hernandez