About Us

 E.M.A's Boutique is a home based online boutique established in 2017. After being an entrepreneur for 4 years with some luck I realized I could build something amazing for my family, so with 2 big dreams and 2 tops it all started. My first dream was to continue to stay home and be more present for my kids while they were still young, but my biggest mission is to help other women especially moms like me feel and find themselves again after birth. 

 E.M.A's has since grown to something amazing. I love supporting women all over the Country, help them regain confidence through their outfit, helping them feel happy, secure and comfortable but always looking trendy and chic without breaking the bank.

 This mission has helped me teach my kids to see what hard work and determination can do and that nothing is impossible. This is really family business, you will find that some of our items say Eduardo, Monica or Alexandra under them that is because my kids invested their money into that particular item therefor all earning are theirs. My little business people are loving it!

 I could not have done it without the support of all of you, I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to stay home with my babies! 

                                      XOXO Valeria Hernandez